A complete solution for Microclimate Analysis in Agriculture which combines hardware, software and data analysis

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You can instantly get hold of microclimate information in your fields, a perfect tool for decision making in farming.
AgriWeather is a revolutionary solution in agricultural industry.
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Microclimate Analysis

About AgriWeather


The agricultural industry should take corresponding measures in order to respond to the global climate changes. Collecting agricultural data using scientific methods, and providing assistance and suggestions to increase crop yields in farming are already the leading trends around the world. We believe that with the help of Data Application and Data Science, we can help farmers make better decisions, increase crop yields, and utilize use of resources efficiently. Therefore, we start from the data source, integrate the technology of The Internet of Things and Data Science to build a solution in microclimate that combines hardware, software and data analysis.

Agri is a localized agricultural science and technology team.

Agri is a localized agricultural science and technology team.

The team members of AgriWeather come crom varaious fields which include Software and Hardware Engineering, Data Analysis, Agricultural Research, Plant Pests and Diseases, and Visual Design and Communication. With our team of professionals across fields, we are able to grasp the core issues in agriculture, understand what farmers really need, and develop solutions catering the actual situations of our users.

Field Microclimate Sensing Devices

Agri Field Microclimate Sensing Devices

Field Microclimate Sensing Devices include the overall installation of the Weather Box, Field Sensor, Time-lapse Photography Camera, Wireless Transmission Equipment, Real-time Activity Monitoring Dashboard.

The Weather Box collects data regarding the intensity of sunshine, temperature and humidity, wind direction, wind speed, rainfall, air quality, atmospheric pressure, UV rays, etc.

As for the Field Sensor, it collects data regarding the temperature and humidity of the soil and the Soil Electrical Conductivity (EC). The collected data, after being transmitted back through our wireless data transmission technology, is visualized according to the actual needs of the farmers. Then, we design a dashboard which allows instant monitoring of the data. The Real-time Activity Monitoring Dashboard operates on cell phones, tablets and desktop computers. It is able to switch to different modes of data presentation according to the types of crops and differences of farmland. As a result, farmers are able to gain access to real-time monitoring of the environment in their fields at home. This does not only save our times for checking on the fields and looking up for data on different data platforms, but also help our users adjust their farming strategies by comparing the data collected in the fields with the their already accumulated farming knowledge.

AgriNote APP for recording farming activities


In the past, the farmers record their farming tasks in writing. Yet, as farmers switch to digitalized recording of their farming tasks and activities, they often have questions regarding “the ease of use” and the “applicability” of the tools they choose. We understand that overly complicated operation interface or operations which are not compatible to the actual situations in use will greatly reduced the willingness of farmers to use a device. Therefore, AgriWeather, by studying the farmers’ using habits, has chosen the suitable devices and designed an easy to use interface and developed an AgriNote APP for recording farming activities- the AgriNote.

AgriNote not only allows farmers to record data in an easy manner with the help of a simple menu, it also allows fast upload of photos and data of crops to your facebook. Our users only have to choose options which is most suitable to their farming situation to complete recording. The modes for recording include operations in the fields, photos, crop growth indicators, etc. Most importantly, the recorded data can be reviewed by our users under a long-term basis. It can also be used with microclimate data in the fields and play a key role in the analysis process which nclude establishing Crop models, water stress models, etc. The analysis can be a reference in farming and help farmers reduce farming costs and enhancing productivity.

Analysis and application in agricultural data


After combining the climate data in the fields and farmers daily farming tasks, we integrate professional know-hows with the data and develop various applications of the data. It aims at solving and facilitate decision making when dealing with the critical issues that are long found in the agricultural industry such as in irrigation, applying fertilizer, spraying pesticides, prevention of plant diseases and insect pests, etc.

For example, we are able to use the “Crop Stress Analysis”to provide warnings to our users to take precaution measures and prevent harms. Then, through the“Crop Simulation Models” we are able to predict volume of production. Also, by analysing the “Microclimate Models” which are favored by the plant pests and diseases, we can develop prevention measures for plant pests and diseases and thus reduce loss in crops. Moreover, the models can be used to establish crop growth standards, and produce microclimate analysis reports to give warnings to potential risks caused by high temperature, freezing damage, rainfall, salt level, etc. We are able to achieve the four main goals of predicting crop growth, giving warnings about plant disease and insect pests, reducing the use of chemicals, and precisely applying the amount of fertilizer. Moreover, our users are able enjoy benefits such as lower production costs, increase in product standards, increase in production, and develop sustainable farming systems.


Product Features

AgriWeather is not a hardware company (although we develop microclimate sensors). It is also not a software company (although we design system platforms and APPs ). AgriWeather's goal has always been the analysis in agricultural data and application of such data in solving important farming issues. Thus, we incorporate both hardware and software and the know-how of data analysis experts to build a complete solution starting from sensing and monitoring fields to analysing to applying data.

AgriWeather Product Map

AgriWeather Product Map


Agri offers help to convert your experience and feelings that are hard to put down in words into data. Agri provides suggestions in agricultural affairs with the help of scientific methods such as testing design, combined analysis, model construction, and prediction. It also works side by side with traditional methods and know-hows in farming.


Agri’s team of professionals in data communication and visual design is able to understand the needs of our users and purposes of the data presented. Through our interface design, information diagrams, and interacting diagrams and charts, we are able to enhance our user’s experience.

Professional experts

Agri’s partners include organizations in fields of production and education and in the government. Its community members include researchers in agriucultural studies and highly-experienced farmers. With the full support of the professional farming community, Agri is able to incorporate data and agricultural know-how and provide solutions to respond to problems in farming.


Agri combies both the hardware and software and build a complete farming solution in data collection, analysis, and presentation. The Sensor, APP, and Dashboard are in the same format and can be used together in data analysis. This allows work synergy and prevents the extra costs and troubles for combining data in different systems.

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